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Vitamin D and MS: Exercise

>> 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene
Published on 1 Jan 2015
Join Adriene on Day 1 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Ease into your 30 day experience with an open mind, kindness and curiosity.

Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis
>> Adaptive Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis: Chair Yoga for the Hips & Legs
Published on 22 Jan 2016. Chair yoga for all levels.
Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

>> Yoga for MS: Introduction
By Veronique Gauthier
>> Your Classes: Manage MS with Yoga
>> Learn how to Manage Fatigue using yoga
Published on 13 Mar 2014
Yoga for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) - Managing Fatigue MS Fatigue is the most common symptom affecting people living with MS. In this video, Véronique guides you through a gentle sitting sequence to help you feel more energized without creating heat in the body.

FaceBook Vitamin D and MS

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